Will turning my unit down really low will make it cooler faster?
Probably not. Most systems are single stage – which means it’s going to run at full capacity no matter if you turn it down one degree or 15 degrees. Only exception is a multi-stage system.

Will a bigger air conditioning system cool my house better?
No sir. A properly sized unit helps insure low humidity and proper function of the system.

Do you recommend hard vent pipe over flexible duct work?
If properly sized, flex duct can work just as well and it is quieter. We can discuss this as we work together on your system.

Will turning the heat down really low while I’m at work help me save money?
I’m afraid not. When you turn it back up the system has to work harder to meet temperature. Most systems in the area are heat pumps with supplemental electric heat. Electric heat strips pull 4-6 times as much electricity as the heat pump. We recommend turning the thermostat to 65 if you’re going to be away for a while.

I heard Trane is the best brand of HVAC units to have for your house. Is this true?
Trane has wonderful ratings and they’re extremely popular, but that doesn’t necessarily make them the best. They have failures just like every other brand. We have worked on (and replaced) a ton of them.

Are expensive filters built to last longer and be more efficient?
Not necessarily. Changing your filters regularly will be more important than the price, style or material of the filters.  We recommend replacing your filter when you receive your electric bill each month. Some of the pleated filters can reduce airflow by up to 20%.

Why do I need a PSA?
A Proactive Service Agreement is like changing the oil on your car. It ensures it runs appropriately and reliably for the season ahead.

When is the best time to get a PSA?
March-May and September-November. The temperatures are perfect for checking the system and it ensures any failing parts are caught before your heat/air is needed.

How do I schedule my PSA?
Feel free to call 865-428-6491 and speak with Dwight or me and we will schedule a time that is convenient for you.

What are the benefits of having a PSA?
There are certain benefits to having a Proactive Service Agreement as opposed to just a simple maintenance.
* 15% off parts.
* No after hours charges.
* No holiday charges.

See more on our Service Agreement here.